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Unlike some firms that focus strictly on online marketing, we have in-house talent to ensure your PPC campaign is a complete success. Our technologists understand complex search engine technology. Our creative team develops landing pages that encourage conversions. Our online marketing team does the research, sets your budget, defines your strategy, writes engaging copy and optimizes your campaign daily – we never set your program on auto-pilot.

What does this mean to you? Immediate visibility, increased quality traffic and more conversions. (Not to mention the best return on your media investment.)

We follow a systematic process to ensure your PPC campaign gets results.

  1. Research and select keywords. We research your products, services, competition and audience to determine the keywords that will best resonate with users and give you the best return on your investment.
  2. Analyze current campaigns. If you’ve already got a PPC campaign in place, we will analyze and optimize it for maximum efficiency and reach.
  3. Segment keywords into ad groups and develop ad copy. First we group keywords based on categories and themes for ad groups. Then, we write targeted, relevant ad copy (testing different calls to action) and landing pages or select the most appropriate landing page for each ad to run in the ad groups.
  4. Implement your campaign and set up conversion tracking. With a deep knowledge of the major search engines’ PPC requirements, we’ll launch your campaign efficiently on Google, Yahoo and Bing, making smart bids based the cost-per lead. We then set up conversion tracking in AdWords and Bing as well as Google Analytics to follow ad performance.
  5. Test and optimize campaigns. We monitor your campaign daily and optimize bids to ensure the best return on your media spend. We also track ad performance and change creative on-the-fly to ensure your strongest ads are running.
  6. Provide monthly reporting. We provide comprehensive monthly reports that detail the performance of your PPC campaign, and provide recommendations for ensuring the most traffic and quality conversions.

Drive even more conversions with PPC landing pages.

Landing Page Design
Our in-house creative team develops PPC landing pages with focused design elements and clear calls to action that encourage conversions. We also develop several versions of a landing page with slightly different design elements and calls to action, and then test them to determine which elements perform best – and give you the best ROI. Our testing methods include:

  • A/B Testing
    Using Google Website Optimizer we perform A/B testing to compare two different landing page designs. Our goal is to find the landing page that drives the most conversions.
  • Multivariate Testing
    With multivariate testing we refine your landing page by understanding what design and content combinations work best.  Using Google Website Optimizer we conduct multivariate tests that show which elements are the best performing separately, as well as the winning combination of elements.


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